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A unique combination of theatre, circus and folklore, the first Contemporary Circus production in Slovakia brings together traditional and modern approaches of contemporary theatre. By turning elements of folklore upside down, we tell the mysterious 300-year-old story of the greatest Slovak hero from a broader perspective, with humour and most importantly without clichés, which was the main reason for hiring a foreign director. The story is inspired by Juraj Jánošík, a real historical figure, who represents the struggle for freedom of a small nation dominated by the powerful Austrian monarchy around the year 1707. Legend has it that Jánošík robbed the rich and gave to the poor. Was he a thief or a hero? We know from history that despite being severely tortured, he never revealed the whereabouts of the royal treasure, nor did he betray his band of brigands. In addition, his execution was extremely cruel – he was hanged by his rib on a hook. Our production does not aim to glorify, nor to devalue the national hero, but it also does not take you on a historical excursion. We work with metaphors based on human behaviour, social diversity, relationships and current issues. Inspired by the circus and ancient folklore, this comedy for theatre eliminates stereotypes and barriers.


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