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As long as we wants to stage what is behind the perfection of a well executed ‘trick’. In a landscape of 100 white coffee cups two bodies engage in working together. The physical concepts of hand to hand acrobatics become metaphors for their interaction. Balance and trust, strength and vulnerability, support and commitment. Endless repetition. An ode to the attempt or an absurd excess? As long as we is an intimate and in your face duet.

PRODUCTION There There Company
CREATION AND PLAY Hanna Mampuys and Toon Van Gramberen
DRAMATURGICAL ADVISE Tim Behren and Bauke Lievens
PHOTOGRAPHY: Bart Grietens
COPRODUCTION Theater op de Markt and PERPLX
WITH THE SUPPORT OF Vlaamse Overheid, Vlaams Centrum voor Circuskunsten, cc de borre, 30CC, Latitude 50, Cultuurcentrum Grote Post, MiraMiro, Vormingscentrum Destelheide



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